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Photoshoot Information

When photographing families, if you want a cohesive look, I recommend everyone wear either the same color or stay within the same color scheme (either all pastel or all dark, etc.). Individuals in portraits look best in solid colors, because noisy patterns, like Hawaian print or large wording on a shirt, can be distracting. However, bright and bold colors truly make a statement and can be fun (especially with children)! Funky hats, bright flowers, boots, and hair accesories also make for unique pictures.


Feel free to bring props that can easily be managed (musical instrument, skateboard, letterman's jacket, football, uniforms, drum sticks, hats, etc.) that speak to your personality and tells the story of who you are.


Family pets are welcomed to outdoor shoots, but please keep pups on a leash and be prepared to provide them a treat for sitting, etc. It might be wise to show up a few minutes early to let your pup walk around and get his wiggles out prior to the shoot.


A "family" shoot consists up to five family members. If there are more than five family members (dogs don't count), please let me know so we can price your shoot appropriately.


HOW IT WORKS: I meet clients at local parks, and I take a bunch of pictures. Out of all of the pictures I take, I go through and choose the best 25. Each of those are edited and put into a spiral bound 4x6 proof booklet (copyright proctected) that you get to keep. Once you receive your booklet, you can purchase prints or the CD with the final 25 images on it. If I printed a black & white picture in your booklet, the color version and the b&w version will be on the CD. I do not require packages or minimum orders.


Please note that one hour is allocated for each photoshoot. If you have any questions at all regarding photoshoot attire or props, please do not hesistate to contact me so we can discuss your ideas.




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